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Play ZENITH and see a remarkable improvement in number skills. Those playing Zenith learn to add, subtract, divide and multiply faster than ever before. 

Tests have shown that number skills and confidence improve rapidly after only one hour of play.

Play individually, in pairs, as a group, or in the classroom. Zenith has been played in schools throughout New Zealand. 

For all ages, beginners through to genius!

Simply roll the two eight-sided Zenith dice, add subtract, divide or multiply the numbers and match the result with the score sheet to score ZENITH - the ultimate score.

There are two levels of play.  First try Zenith 20.  Throw the Zenith dice, and add or subtract the magic numbers.

Once mastered, try Zenith 30.  Throw the Zenith dice, add, subtract, divide or multiply the magic numbers to score a ZENITH.

Excellent value at only $19.95 

Contents include:

Zenith 20 score sheets
Zenith 30 score sheets
Zenith badge
Two unqiue Zenith dice
Full playing instructions



FULL 14 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you are not satisfied with your purchase, your money will be refunded without question. 

International Publication Rights

International publication rights to Zenith are now available.  Inquiries should be directed to Pursuit Publishing (NZ) Limited or contact us at:

                    Pursuit Publishing (NZ) Ltd
                    PO Box 984, Whangarei. New Zealand
                    Phone:  0064 (09) 4343836
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