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The cast of characters 


Norman had a bit of a reputation for thinking. He was forever asking questions. Norman's school mates called him Professor Norman Normal because he asked so many questions and he looked like what everyone thought a professor should look like.



Norma is the youngest of the Normal family. Norma always wore happy hats.



Mr Normal

Mr Normal was a happy chappy and went about his day whistling a happy chappy tune.

Mrs Normal

Mrs Normal baked scrumptillious scones, knitted socks and had hair like a bird's nest.

Grumpy- Neighbour Normal

Mr Grumpy-neighbour Normal was called Grumpy-neighbour Normal because he always had something to grumble about.


Sniff is a Schnauzer. Schnauzer Sniff was called Sniff because instead of shaking hands when he met others for the first time he would sniff their bottoms. 


Snuggles is a puddy cat that likes to snuggle up and sleep all day.

(with no names)

The chickens lived with the Normal family. They didn't have names because in Normalsville it wasn't normal for chickens to have names.

Arty-farty Normal

Arty farty Normal is a funny looking man because he wears a funny woolen cap with all sorts of different colours and shapes, he has a paint brush behind  his ear and grey whiskers on his chiny-chin chin like a Billy-goat-gruff. And he wore one red sock and one purple sock.


Mr Plod-Normal

"Stop I say, stop in the name of normality" is what Mr Plod-Normal said before he blew on his pea whistle so hard that the pea blew out of the whistle.

Mr Mole

Mr Mole was fast asleep in the warm comfort of his burrow. He was dreaming happy dreams, of places that only moles dream about... that was until he was woken by a thumpidy thump, thump, thump, thumpů


Mr Mountain Goat

"I do not have big clodhopper feet. They are hooves, neither too big nor too small, and I am not going to be told to clear off by some weeney-peeney-fuzzy-wuzzy mole. This is a mountain, and I am standing on it. Now go back into your hole, you midget mole."...said Mr Mountain Goat.