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New game teaches students financial literacy

A new way of teaching financial literacy in schools is being launched in Auckland on Thursday.

The inaugural secondary schools NZ Investment Game competition is being hosted by Massey University. Six schools from the North Shore will be competing for top player and top schools awards.

 The NZ Investment Game is the brainchild of investment writer Frank Newman who developed the game to educate people about financial management in an interactive and engaging way.

“The investment game compresses years of investment activity into minutes.  That makes it very fast and exciting and players learn a lifetime of investment experience within a few hours. It also means they can learn from their mistakes without putting their own savings at risk!”

The game combines the traditional board game approach with the sophistication of a software package that simulates the investment markets. Players apply for jobs to increase their income, learn how to save, and how to invest those savings in shares, property, and bank deposits.

 “It’s just like real time investing”, says Frank Newman. “….but more exciting. Students love it – they learn while having heaps of fun.”

Frank would like to see the game being played by senior students in schools around the country.

“It’s a brilliant way to teach financial literacy, and given the widespread concerns about the public’s lack of understanding about money matters, this game is an excellent way to bridge the gap”, he said.

The Investment Game was judged best New Game of the Year 2009 by the NZ Games Association, and has received rave reviews with one reviewer saying it was far more challenging and engaging than Monopoly.

Where: Massey University, Albany Campus.
When: Thursday 1st July 2010, from 9am to 3.30pm.

For details contact:

Frank Newman, Ph 09 4343836 or 021 718 478, email

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