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  • 3/1/2011. New version now available.

Next time you start a new game, your game software will be updated automatically to version 1.7.1, but you must be online at the time.

The update includes a new turn clock feature which requires a player to take an action before the turn clock reaches zero. If an investment decision has not been made or the dice thrown, then that player forfeits their turn. This prevents players from slowing down the game (especially near the end if they are winning!), and encourages players to think about their investment decisions while others are taking their turn. 

To engage the clock during the setup pages, simply click "tick to enable" and select a time from the drop down menu or over-type the time to set your own countdown. 

Those new to the game may like to try the turn clock at 60 seconds, and reduce it to 30 seconds in subsequent games. Try 15 seconds for speed games. 

To see which software version you are running, see the top right corner of your game screen. Upgrades are free to registered users.

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