Game evenings - the fun way to learn!

INVESTMENT GAME evenings are a fantastic way to learn how to invest for success. Play with friends, family or work mates, or attend a games evening being organised in your area. 

If you are a teacher and would like to talk to us about bring the game to your classroom, please complete the form. Discussions are currently under way to hold inter-school competitions in 2010. Register your interest now so that we may contact you. 

The INVESTMENT GAME may be played by 1 to 6 players. Four is the ideal number for group learning.




If you are interested in attending a games evening, or you're a teacher and would like to use the game as a student education tool, complete the following so that we can contact you.
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Earn income by hosting game evenings.
Game play at the Massey University Business Week - 7 July 2009
What does it mean "Mortgage recall!"? Aunt Dotty just arrived! 80 students,  20 games being played at the same time.
How many properties do you want to buy? Look whose winning now! Stephen Xie being presented with a copy of the game by Frank Newman.


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